26 May 2020 / News
A townhome that caters to growing families

With a young toddler and another one on the way, Sarah and her husband Kirill represent everything this community is about. Here she tells us what she’s looking forward to most about being part of this little village.


Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 31 and my husband is 34, and we have a little girl who’s three and one dog. I manage my own marketing agency and my husband runs a software company. We’re living in Elsternwick in a two-bedroom apartment, but we spend a lot of time in Balaclava – it’s always been the suburb that we’d like to move to. It’s a funky area and just that tiny bit closer to the city.


When looking for a townhome, what features were important to you?

At Inkerman & Nelson, some of the homes have been designed to include an entry courtyard as well as a private back courtyard. We found this very appealing, so we bought one of those plans. Inside, we loved that the entire ground floor was an entertaining and living space, with the kids’ level just above. Having the luxury of being able to invite people over while the children are just one storey up, asleep in their bedrooms, was a really nice design consideration. It was probably one of the key features that attracted us to Inkerman & Nelson. Then there is the third level which is like a retreat for the parents with a balcony.


What stood out about Inkerman & Nelson compared to other properties you looked at?

We simply couldn’t fault the project – it was perfectly designed, and every single detail had been considered and thought about. For example, the kitchen bench has space underneath to put high seating and can be used as a breakfast bar. Having the built-in bench seat on one side of the dining table is just another lovely feature. Outside, the greenery and entire building design create a beautiful, welcoming space.


Was sustainability and energy efficiency an important consideration for you?

I have clients in the energy efficiency sector and personally have quite an interest in steps I can take to lower emissions and live a more sustainable life. The fact there is rainwater harvesting and plenty of greenery is great. Apart from this project, we didn’t look at any new developments, so the other houses were all established and didn’t have solar panel options or anything like that.


Inkerman & Nelson consulted with potential purchasers on the design of the townhomes. Were there any particular ideas you contributed to?

There were a few small things, for example, in the kitchen we asked that the marble stone feature was extended up to the shelving unit. With the entrance courtyard, we’ve organised for a gate to be built so that it becomes fully private and secure. It will essentially be a locked front gate that leads to our courtyard and front door.


What are you most looking forward to?

One of the biggest aspects is the community feel with the inner, closed off, secure courtyard and the demographics of people that are purchasing these properties. It makes me really excited to think that we’re going to have a community of like-minded people, I hope with kids as well. It should be a really nice environment to live in. In regard to the design, it’s a really beautiful open plan so I am looking forward to the additional space. I’m pregnant with my second baby on the way, so it’ll be great when our little ones can hoon around.

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