Provided by SJB and photographed by Aaron Puls
Provided by SJB and photographed by Aaron Puls
30 Aug 2017 / News
Cantala wins at Melbourne Design Awards

ICON’s Cantala project, completed last year in Caulfield North, has been recognised for its unique aesthetic vision, with the development winning the 2017 Melbourne Design Awards (MDA) for best constructed residential architecture.

We’re very proud of this project and the Melbourne Design Awards win is a fantastic vindication of our emphasis on iconic designs that enhance individual lifestyles and enrich local communities.

Taking subtle cues from the art deco buildings found along Dandenong Road and the Caulfield precinct, Cantala comprises 25 multi-storey townhouses and 44 low-rise apartments.

Set on a spacious grid that builds upon an existing walkway cherished by the community, the design – by architects SJB – presents strong, curvaceous sculptural masses in its apartments and townhouses. This is combined with open walkways and an extremely generous provision of landscaped greenery, another reflection of Caulfield’s leafy heritage.

Set amongst a mix of period and contemporary residences, Cantala’s sculptural forms appear to float at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. The site’s history as a former lawn bowls club metaphorically translates into a design that encourages slow, peaceful amblings.

The entire development is walkable and comes with a subtle serenity that is immediately evident; but it is only when one notices the absence of driveways and roads that the reason becomes apparent. Its innovative design removes all vehicles from the ground plane and places parking underground. Making space for beautiful landscaping, Cantala has been planted with more than 16,000 plants and a resident pool is nestled to one side of the central walkway.

ICON senior development manager Kyle Reeve, who was deeply involved in the Cantala project, says the purpose of the extensive garden settings is to promote health and wellness and provide the opportunity for communal interaction.

“Sometimes people underestimate the importance of living amongst greenery and vegetated spaces. The boutique size of the development generates a communal and neighbourly feel, while the landscaped walkways promote a healthy lifestyle.”

The MDA judges were impressed by Cantala’s holistic integration of public and private space across the development, as well as its well-considered mix of townhouse and apartment typologies.

Inspired by the subtle art deco curves of the area’s heritage buildings, Cantala’s ‘sculptural’ architecture is designed to yield to the eye in a number of slow reveals as the development gently makes its impression.

Inside each dwelling, material luxury is delivered in a neutral palette of timber and stone. Realised as two colour schemes of textural nuance, each home boasts wide timber floorboards, timber-veneer joinery and an emphasis on kitchen and dining areas designed to encourage family and social gatherings.

“Cantala brings together its residents in a uniquely serene and natural neighbourhood setting. We are extremely pleased with this recognition from the Melbourne Design Awards,” Reeve says.

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