Image of Lyon Housemuseum Galleries. Photograph by Dianna Snape
8 Mar 2019 / News
ICON’s Picks: 2019 Melbourne Design Week Program

Melbourne Design Week, a collaboration between the Victorian Government and the NGV, will present the works of the local design community. Under the theme of ‘Design Experiments’, events will take place between 14-24 March, across Melbourne and Geelong.

With society entering an unprecedented period of urbanisation, digitisation, population growth and ecological transformation, architecture plays a huge role for positive transformation. Melbourne Design Week 2019, presents an opportunity for designers to reflect on their practice, imagining new and better ways of doing things, and sharing these insights with a broad audience.

Here’s our top picks not to miss this month.


Fiona Lynch Workshop, presented by Fiona Lynch Interior Design

15 Mar 2019, 5-7PM

Presented by award-winning design office, Fiona Lynch Interior Design, this workshop will look at the dialogue between art and design through an evolving selection of discovered works, commissioned pieces and original designs. Some of the pieces will include work by Fiona Lynch herself, as well as Makiko Ryujin, Jiaxin Nong, Mary Wallis and Olivia Walker.

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Housemuseum Curates: ENTER tour

16 Mar, 3pm–4pm

The unveiling of the new Lyon Housemuseum Galleries will commence on Saturday 16 March. To celebrate, join the Lyon Housemuseum Galleries curator, Fleur Watson, and artists for insights into the making of the inaugural exhibition ENTER and a conversation reflecting on the ‘power of placement’.

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Melbourne: Megacity? Presented by Amy Evans and Conor Todd

15 Mar, 6-9PM

 The population in Melbourne is set to double over the next 40 years, inevitably bringing major growth in the urban fabrication of the Melbourne landscape. Those in the design industries will play a central role in determining the type of city Melbourne will become. This exhibition presents ideas and propositions for Melbourne’s future as a megacity from an array of local designers, architects, urban planners and thinkers.

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Oliver Wainwright: Form Follows Finance, presented by NGV and Robin Boyd Foundation

22 Mar, 6pm–8pm

Every major city in the world now faces a housing crisis. The UN calculates that 68% of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050, but where and how will they live? Join one of the world’s most influential architecture critics, Oliver Wainwright (architecture and design critic of the Guardian), as he traces how form follows finance, and examines housing from diverse perspectives. Who controls the housing market? How do different societies solve their own housing conundrums? What is the role for architects is addressing the housing challenges ahead?

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Material Thought: exploring material through the work of innovative Australian designers, presented by Modern Times

21 Mar 6-8pm

Join Melbourne institution Modern Times, in celebrating and examining material beyond the superficial, through showcasing the work of some of Australia’s most innovative furniture, lighting and object designers including Steelotto, Nicolette Johnson, Henry Wilson, Ebony Heidenreich, Maddie Sharrock, Alterfact, Coco Flip, and Christopher Boots. Counteracting the simplistic and implied categorisation of materials – sustainable/unsustainable, natural/synthetic, handmade/factory-made, recycled/new – Material Thought explores the history, constraints and implications of the materials in play. Material Thought explores the history, constraints and implications of the materials in play. This re-contextualisation invites both designer and consumer to consider how design can shape our future, illuminating that the future is informed by the past, by providing a platform that explicitly and critically engages with material, form and use.

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Design Talk Series: In Conversation with Lee Broom, presented by Space Furniture
14 Mar, 6pm–9pm

Take part in leading UK designer, Lee Broom’s discussion at Space Furniture, where he will share his views on the experimental nature of design and how this has influenced his path, from actor, to fashion designer, and lastly to global product designer. His designs are known for taking classical styles and reinterpreting them in new and contemporary ways yet with an unexpected edge.

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For more information on the Melbourne Design Week program, please visit ngv.vic.gov.au

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