24 Aug 2021 / News
Discover AJ & Amy’s Inkerman & Nelson purchaser journey

Buying a property off-the-plan has alleviated some of the stress associated with house hunting during the pandemic. Discover how Inkerman & Nelson helped purchasers AJ and Amy turn their home buying dream into a reality.


What factors influenced you to purchase a new home?

We had been thinking on and off about moving, and then had our two boys in quick succession which took up a lot of our time. We currently live in a two-bedroom apartment which we’ve been in since 2014. We thought that now might be a good time to move given Amy is back at work, and we started gauging what was in the market. As we were browsing the offerings we came across Inkerman & Nelson.

What was your experience buying off-the-plan?

Really great. When we started looking, lockdown lifted, and properties started to come back into the market. We were considering established properties, but then we saw Inkerman & Nelson and thought it looked like a really exciting opportunity.

Nat was incredibly helpful and patient with some of the questions we had. Due to the timing, we didn’t get a chance to see the display suite, so he helped us visualise it.

Why was purchasing at Inkerman & Nelson such an enjoyable experience?

We looked at some existing dwellings which would have been great if we had extra time and money to renovate. With Inkerman & Nelson we didn’t have to worry about any of that. We know when we can move in, what the set up will be.  We walk past the development all the time, so it’s great to see construction updates as it’s happening.

The area is also really important to us. We currently live in St Kilda and know the area really well. Inkerman & Nelson is close to schools and our work which makes it perfect for us.

What attracted you to Inkerman & Nelson?

Definitely the floor plans, the bedrooms, bathrooms and generously sized kitchen. It was great to see the use of space, which you don’t see in some new buildings. The on-site parking was a great feature, as we don’t have this in our current home and it’s so hard to find a park in the area on a busy weekend.

The other attraction is the open living space. Each room is separate in our current home, so it’s great being able to keep an eye on the kids with our new open floor plan. In a design context, it’s a really well considered property. This is in contrast to the ‘how much can we fit in the space’ approach characterising some of the other properties we looked at and considered off-the-plan.

Was it important knowing you would be living in a community-focused development?

 It was really comforting knowing the other families around us had kids too, and there’s a strong community element to Inkerman & Nelson.

 It makes such a difference to your quality of life when those living around you are at a similar stage of life. They are probably looking forward to similar things as us, and it will be nice to share some of these experiences with our immediate community there.


Discover more at the Inkerman & Nelson website by clicking here.


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