12 Dec 2017 / News
Q&A with Kyle Reeve

How does ICON’s approach to development differ from others?

We are a collaborative company, and place a very high value on our partnerships. From industry peers, JV partners, project consultants and purchasers, we not only care about our relationships, but also about maintaining our reputation in the industry as a market leader and a design-driven developer. Our keen interest and focus on design sets us apart when developing new properties; maintaining design excellence is always front and centre of each project. Lastly, our development and construction skills mean we take a holistic approach to development. We are involved well-beyond the completion of a building, which is why we care about details that other developers may miss. Also, having an in-house construction team enables us to control the quality of delivery down to every last detail.


ICON is renowned for its highly considered and collaborative approach. What do you and the team look for in project partners?

We seek partners that we enjoy working with. We describe our partnerships as collaborations: relationships in which both sides bring complementary skills to the table. We like partners that challenge us, and bring fresh ideas to the table. The industry is constantly changing, and we like to find creative solutions to problems by working with partners. We also think it’s important to have a bit of fun along the way!


One of the key links between all of ICON’s project is its focus on design and quality. How do you believe good design can positively shape our lives?

I think younger generations are at the forefront of understanding the importance of good design when it comes to your home. Having already lived in a range of different apartments, they are now choosing a lifestyle that enables them to stay amongst the action that inner-suburbs provide. I have lived in many poorly considered and badly designed apartments, so I can personally appreciate the importance of well-designed, functional spaces.

One of the biggest challenges facing residential design, in its current form, is the lack of community being created and fostered in buildings. People are living more densely yet somehow have less connection with the people around them. Great design can foster relationships, help to build connections with neighbours and greater community, and encourage people to share their lives with others.


ICON’s developments are built to stand the test of time, and as such are considered additions to the built environment. What are the key elements to creating timeless properties?

The key elements that make up a timeless property are actually quite simple. Firstly, and most importantly, we surround ourselves with the right team for the project. Development involves a huge contribution from many people – it isn’t just the result of a great developer. From architects to engineers, town planners and real estate agents, getting the right team is paramount to the success of a project. We work with a huge variety of partners and consultants to ensure each project is as unique as the land it is built on.

Secondly, it’s vital to ensure the vision for the project is properly considered and implemented along the way. There is no one-size-fits-all for projects, which is why vision and execution are paramount to a project’s success. We appreciate that the decisions we make impact people’s lives, and often result in buildings that contribute to the built-environment for 50+ years. We have an obligation to contribute positively to this environment and we take this obligation very seriously.


Buyers are becoming increasingly discerning when choosing a property, looking for both quality and often a sense of community as well. How is ICON responding to this shift?

Our key response is accountability to our customers. We stand by our product, our designs and our ability to deliver projects. We want people to be happy, to be proud showing friends and family their home, and therefore come back to us because of our name. To achieve this, we must be design driven, community focused and constantly innovating.



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